About Me

I been designing Websites since before the Internet even went Public.  I worked for AOL, I got FREE Internet them days, when it was $4.99 per Hour for Dial up!  (Great Days)  I Love Designing Sites, Working with Computers, just so cool. . . . Hah, crazy times these days. Although life seems hard sometimes, hang in there!  People killing children, killing gays, killing just to kill, Black Nazis, All the homeless people living in tents. Idiots trying to overthrow  the government on Jan 6 (Should be ashamed), Welcome to Hard Times for so many!  There seems to be so much Hate in the world, but I guess when has it ever been any different! (Even the Bible itself has such much violence) As well as Mankinds History! Will this Ever Change?  (I Think it will one days, I have faith in Human Kind!)  Hang In there! Help each other, & Be Kind!