Well this is my BS area I usually test & post stuff.  . Not sure what, I’m thinking perhaps stuff I like, others may find useful,  . . . . . At this point, I’m not sure. . . .

Being A Tad Autistic, I Liked Ravens so much as a kid, & I was alone alot. When I went fishing with my dad, I’d spend alot of time in the forest, and chased & played with the Ravens.  I’d chase them far into the forest, then they’d call, & I’d chase them back. Over the years I’ve learned to call them, (Pretty Crazy Huh. . . )

What’s crazy, is a Raven in smarter then a Chimpanzee (No Kidding).  I learned to call them why I spent so many hours playing in the forests with them.  (to this day I can call them).  My YouTube Video of me calling them . . . . .

To this very day, they are my favorite animal still!

Although I dont have a Raven these days, I do have a fine Pigeon named Cooper though.

He flew in my Garage & landed on my Harley the day I heard a little friend of mine named Charlote Died from Covid at the height of the pandemic!  (It was like a message being sent from God!)