When I first met Cooper

Pet PigeonI was working on my MC last week & a pigeon flew into my garage and landed on my Harley (Just so happens it was the day after a little girl I knew died here in Colorado & I was devastated). Well he seemed very tired & starving. I fed it and it wont leave even though it seems healthy now after a week.

Well I’m glad no one has claimed him cause he sure is cool & Ive grown to love him! He’s very tame, & although hes got birdfood, he seems to love eating Italian food off a dinner plate. (He eats everything it dont say he eats)

Ive posted everywhere throughout social media, pet boards, etc. . . , searched & I guess he’s now home where life has put him. If someone claims him & can prove its theirs their welcome to have this wonderful pet- Right now I’ve setup a giant cage for him to sleep in & I think he loves me too! Hah, anyhow heres an update. . .  He loves Italian food on dinner size plates (Pizza, Ravioli, Spaghetti), he loves taking bird baths, & he’s very smart! ( I never really knew how smart pigeons are until now)

I’ve Named him COOPER! Seems to fit his personality too.. . .
Hope your all staying safe with your family & friends- I dont really think things will get back to normal for a couple years at least. . . Big Hugs & Lot’s of Love to you all! Try to help each other, check on people that live alone. Sometimes a call & a few kind words will make someones day, its as simple as that.

Dont know too much about pigeons other then what I read. . . Anyhow its a carrier cause its got a twisty on its leg. . . but who knows. Dont seem to want to leave this morning either, flys around me outside . . . Well these days, Cooper has seemed to gotten real healthy!

Anyhow, after a few days he seems to be very friendly & likes me so I’m going to name him “Cooper”.

Now he’s no Raven, but he’s fairly smart!